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The GOP Health-Care Bill Isn’t Dead Yet

A delay in the Senate doesn’t mean Republicans have given up. 

The Nation

Supreme Court

Trump’s Election Win Is Already Being Felt on the Supreme Court

Neil Gorsuch looks to be just as conservative as Scalia—and if Trump gets to replace Kennedy, the Court will be as conservative as it’s been in a century.

David Cole
Supreme Court

Springtime for Union Busting?

The Supreme Court’s war on the labor movement may soon claim some high-profile casualties.

Ian Millhiser
Middle East

Is the Saudi Boycott of Qatar Driving It into the Arms of Iran?

Saudi overreaching just might destroy the Gulf Cooperation Council—and strengthen Iran’s regional power.

Juan Cole
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From the Magazine

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This Union Ironworker Has a Plan to Beat Paul Ryan

A construction worker takes on the speaker of the House—and sparks fly.

John Nichols

The Senate GOP Isn’t Fixing Health Care. It’s Waging Class War.

A draft bill released Thursday offers tax cuts to the rich at the expense of the poor and the elderly.

Zoë Carpenter

The Senate Health-Care Bill Is Morally Indefensible

The bill makes an equivalence between affording care and deserving care.

Laila Lalami

focus on Socialism

Socialism’s Past and Future

Axel Honneth’s new book seeks to give renewed meaning to the socialist ideal.

Martin Jay

Why Are Young People Voting for Old Socialists?

Sarah Leonard on Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, and the surge of youth support for socialism. 

Jon Wiener

Socialism’s Return

After more than a half-century in the wilderness, the socialist left reemerges in America.

Patrick Iber
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Belief in ‘American Gods’

Based on a 2001 novel, the new TV show explores immigration, assimilation, and the march to modernity.

Loren A. Lynch

Percival Everett’s Abstract Art

His new novel, So Much Blue, is a meditation on seeing and abstraction, and it might be key for recognizing a new form of literary social critique.

Paul Devlin

Grace Paley’s Crowded World

In her life, as in her writing, the boundaries between the personal and the political were remarkably porous.

Maggie Doherty

Watch and Listen

Listen: Trumpcare Is the Most Unpopular Legislation in History

George Zornick on the health-care debacle, Sarah Leonard on socialism’s appeal, and Jedediah Purdy on Thoreau.  

June 22, 2017

Watch: Noam Chomsky: Neoliberalism Is Destroying Our Democracy

How elites on both sides of the political spectrum have undermined our social, political, and environmental commons. 

June 2, 2017

Watch: Clean In: How Hotel Workers Fought For a Union—And Won

A feminism for the 99 percent has been forged by working-class immigrant women who confronted Harvard’s first female president and Sheryl Sandberg.

March 8, 2017
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Take Action Now: Keep Up the Fight to Save Our Health Care

We need to fight until the cruel Republican “health-care” bill is defeated for good. 

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